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INKA & NICLAS | In Bloom | Fotografiska, Stockholm

4 Feb, 2023
Timed with the emerging burst of spring, the new group exhibition In Bloom will be opening at Fotografiska. It brings together 16 photographers all striving to understand and explore nature and humanity’s relationship to it.

INKA & NICLAS | Short Film

19 Jul, 2022
The artist couple Inka and Niclas talk about their work and inspiration.

INKA & NICLAS | Athens Photo Festival | Benaki Museum, Athens

8 Jun, 2022
Honoring the Festival’s 35th anniversary throughout 2022, the program provides a critical context where the impact of the ever-changing visual culture can be raised and discussed.

INKA & NICLAS | Group exhibition | la Fondation groupe EDF, Paris

20 Mai, 2022
La Fondation groupe EDF presents an exhibition on the theme of travel, illustrated by the works of 32 contemporary French and international artists inviting visitors to reflect on our conception of travel, often identified as an essential ingredient of well-being.