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JULIA PEIRONE | ‚I am not blonde‘, Trailer

19 Jul, 2022
A preview of the video work ‚I am not a blonde‘ which accompanies the photo series ‚Some like it hot‘.

JULIA PEIRONE | Solo exhibition | Liljevalchs+, Stockholm

3 Jun, 2022
Julia Peirone has been interested in the photographic image and what it can be since her breakthrough in the 1990s.

JULIA PEIRONE | Artist Talk | Generator, Stockholm

29 Apr, 2022
The Svenska Fotografers Förbund (SFF) organises an artist talk with Julia Peirone ahead of her solo exhibition at Liljevalchs Konsthall.

Scandinavian Photography at MIA Fair in Milan

6 Okt, 2021
Julia Peirone, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, and Inka & Niclas are part of the MIA Fair – the most important art fair dedicated to photography in Italy.