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LOTTA ANTONSSON | Stockholmmodern, Stockholm

12 Mai, 2023
Opening during Stockholm Art Week, Lotta Antonsson is showing new work at Stockholmmodern.

LOTTA ANTONSSON | West Coast / West Coast | Trapp Projects, Vancouver

8 Apr, 2023
For this exhibition, Lotta Antonsson will assemble a collection of images and objects from her studio that will function as pretext for her research into local archives and the shoreline of Vancouver.

LOTTA ANTONSSON | In the Eye of the Beholder | Magasin III, Stockholm

18 Nov, 2022
The collection presentation In the Eye of the Beholder consists for the main part of photographic portraits, but also drawings, sculptures, and moving images of depictions—portraits if you will—based on different ways of beholding.

LOTTA ANTONSSON | Shimmering Eyes | Lidköpings Konsthall, Lidköping

18 Jun, 2022
At Lidköpings Konsthall, Lotta Antonsson expands photography as an art form, resulting in works that are discerning, seductively beautiful, and full of complex layers.