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MARGOT WALLARD | Present Nature | Alma Löv Museum, Östra Ämtervik

17 Jun, 2023
Alma Löv Museum of Unexpected Art presents an extensive group exhibition of contemporary Swedish and international artists. Present Nature presents fourteen artists from six countries who from different angles highlight nature and presence.

MARGOT WALLARD | Animalités | Carré Amelot – Espace culturel Ville de la Rochelle

27 Sep, 2022
The group exhibition Animalités brings together three photographic approaches to animality.

MARGOT WALLARD | Love Songs Photography and intimacy | MEP, Paris

30 Mrz, 2022
The collective exhibition Love Songs proposes a completely new vision of the history of photography through the prism of intimate relationships between lovers.

Vista Point. Re-Connecting Nature | Group Exhibition at KunstHaus Potsdam

9 Okt, 2020
The exhibition ‚Vista Point. Re-Connecting Nature‘ is a cooperation between the Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam and the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery.