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Inspections // Outside

29 Mrz, 2021
Works by Sascha Weidner will be publicly accessible displayed in front of the Lower Saxonian Representation in Berlin.

Sprengel Talks: The Sascha Weidner endowment at Sprengel Museum Hannover

15 Mrz, 2021
Watch the virtual talk about how the Sprengel Museum Hannover handles and promotes the works and digital estate of Sascha Weidner that were donated to the Museum in 2016.

Restoring three main works of Sascha Weidner

12 Feb, 2021
Due to the help of the Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation three works of Sascha Weidner can be restored by the Sprengel Museum Hannover.

Sascha Weidner in Dialog Magazin

15 Dez, 2020
Sascha Weidner’s photography can be seen on and inside the new German Dialog Magazin published by Diakonie Düsseldorf.