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SUSA TEMPLIN | Mainschleifen | Kunst am Bau | Offenbach am Main

15 Jul, 2023
For the high, light-flooded entrance hall of the Offenbach Police Headquarters, Susa Templin has conceived a public art project that reflects, in terms of content and form, the conditions of the building, its use by the police and its surroundings – the city of Offenbach and its citizens.

SUSA TEMPLIN | Zurück in die Gegenwart, Neue Perspektiven – Neue Werke | Städel Museum, Frankfurt

31 Mrz, 2023
Through several narrative strands, the new presentation provides a refreshing access to art after 1945 which consciously enables an experience of the collection based not on chronology but rather on specific themes.

SUSA TEMPLIN | Artist Talk | DZ Kunststiftung, Frankfurt

29 Apr, 2022
A conversation between Susa Templin, Lilly Lulay lead by journalist and author Christoph Schütte.

SUSA TEMPLIN | Durchblick | Kunststiftung DZ Bank

16 Feb, 2022
Susa Templin stellt zusammen mit Lilly Lulay in den Räumen der Kunststiftung DZ Bank in Frankfurt/Main aus.