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YUKEN TERUYA | La Mer | Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London

6 Okt, 2022
Yuken Teruya is one of the most prolific Okinawan artists of his generation. His work is known for using humble objects – cardboard, paper bags, newspapers, board games, balloons – in ways that echo Okinawa’s historical narrative.

YUKEN TERUYA | Interview | Mercedes-Benz Art Collection, Berlin

28 Mrz, 2022
The collective exhibition Love Songs proposes a completely new vision of the history of photography through the prism of intimate relationships between lovers.

Yuken Teruya | Exhibition at Daimler Contemporary Berlin

9 Okt, 2021
Yuken Teruya is part of the exhibition ‚Friendship. Nature. Culture. 44 Years of the Daimler Art Collection‘ at Daimler Contemporary Berlin. The show will open on October 23, 2021.