Current Exhibition

Gerry Johansson + Johan Röing 

November 6 – December 21

Installation view: Exhibition Gerry Johansson + Johan Röing, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery © Gerry Johansson

Dorothée Nilsson Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Photography + Sculpture with works by Gerry Johansson (Photography) and Johan Röing (Sculpture). As a symbol of continuity and timeless aesthetics, sculpture enters a stimulating dialogue with photography, which by its very nature aims to capture the momentary and the ephemeral. The geometric lines of Johansson’s black-and-white photographs are continued in Röing’s colorful sculptures, creating a system of reciprocal intervention.

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The Gallery represents an international portfolio with a focus on the new generation of photography-based artists, rounded out by icons from Scandinavia. The gallery represents artists who use photography as a starting point for conceptual and interdisciplinary practices that span performance, sculpture, video and installation. The gallery program encompasses a broad spectrum of approaches, ranging from experimental approaches to the photographic medium to critical engagements with representation and social issues.

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