until 28 February  2021

Aurora II, 2005 ©Sascha Weidner Estate

Sascha Weidner (1974 – 2015) is regarded as one of the most important german photographers of his generation. The exhibition Aurora contains vintage and posthumous prints from the various creative phases of Sascha Weidner’s lifework. An orange tent stretches over the heads of visitors to the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery. In a photograph the tent stands illuminated between the trees of a forest and sticksout from among its dark surroundings. Refuge II, the title of the picture, leaves open the question of whether this is the sanctuary of a tired traveler, or whether a refuge of conscious rejection of society. Sascha Weidner’s photographs always search for light, and with it all the unknown and neglected scenes and sites upon which it falls. The artist spoke of himself as a romantically moved traveler. His work deals with the creation of a radical subjective pictorial world, permeated by poetic dream images and moments of longing as well as signs of the unknown and melancholy. Weidner himself spoke of the act of photographing as a “refuge where utopia stages reality and reality stages utopia.” Weidner captures moments of a hunger for life and a thirst for freedom. Idiosyncratic II, a picture in the exhibition (se “Current”), shows two people who frolic on an invisible foundation as if flying.
With Aurora, the Dorothée Nilsson Gallery is showing a compilation of the works of Sascha Weidner, which has never before been exhibited in this form in Berlin. 


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