“In her work, Julia Peirone takes the viewer to the boundary regions of puberty.” (Niclas Östlind, 2017)

Since her debut at the turn of the century, Julia Peirones visual world is chiefly populated by girls or young women. Peirones series mirror aspects of vulnerability, shame and sexuality in a time that is heavily influenced by social media and their affects on the creation of identities. The artist is looking for the gap between reality and construction.
Julia Peirones oeuvre poses questions about the strengths and limitations of the photographic image and the way we encounter ourselves in them. The modern day visual culture favores self-glorification and an obsession with abstract ideals of beauty. In her photography, Julia Peirone focuses on these notions to explore young, mostly female teenagers search for identity.                                                                                                                               
Peirones work has a proximity to the moving image. Her photographic series often show casting situations and preparations. Retakes, fleeting moments and failures are given a prominent position. The pictures can hardly be defined as portraits in a conventional sense; rather, they investigate mental states and visual conventions that reflect the demands of the external world. The photographs often capture the frustration that young women suffer after having been imprinted by certain ideals.

The relationship between the model and the photographer, as well as those between the viewer and the viewed, is an aspect of several images by Julia Peirone. Their gazes almost never meet. The girls eyes are shut or hidden by their hair. Tight tank-tops and short skirts expose their skin. The artist stresses that “the girls in my pictures are victims of a gaze, but they are also strong and have power over your gaze”.

Julia Peirone, born 1973 in Argentina, lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the University of Film and Photography (BFA) in Gothenburg and at Konstfack, University College of Art, Craft and Design (MFA) in Stockholm. Peirone has participated in numerous international exhibitions and is represented in international collections such as the Moderna Muséet in Stockholm, the Konstmuseum in Göteborg and the Kiasma in Helsinki.

Julia Peirone was born in 1973. She lives and works in Stockholm.




1999 – 2001 Konstfack, University College of Art, Craft and Design (MFA), Stockholm, Sweden
1996 – 1999  University of Film and Photography (BFA), Gothenburg, Sweden




2019 Upcoming Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

2019 Arbetets Museum Norrköping, Girls, Girls, Girls

2019 Åmells Konsthandel, Tuija och Julia – Det ljusa mörkret

2018 Kalmar Konstmuseum, Girls, Girls, Girls (curated by Johanna Sandell), Kalmar, Sweden

2017 Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Girls, Girls, Girls (curated by Johan Sjöström / Camilla Påhlsson) Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 Belenius Galleri, Twisted Cherry, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Fotogalleriet Format, Coral Punch, Malmö, Sweden

2015 Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå, Sweden

2014 Stene Projects, Bump,set,hit and spike, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Dansens hus, Like a Hawk stealing for the prey, Stockholm, Sweden (collaboration  Paloma Madrid)

2013 Konstforum Norrköping, Sweden (with Annika Svenbro)

2012 Galleri Se, Falun, Sweden

2012 Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund, Sweden

2012 Armory Show, NY 2011 (Crystal Contemporary Art), USA

2012 Crystal Contemporary Art, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 Linköpings Konsthall Passagen, More than Violet, Linköping, Sweden

2010 Magnus Åklundh Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

2009 Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 Norrtälje Konsthall, Norrtälje, Sweden

2009 Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, Sweden

2009 The Solo Project, Basel, Switzerland

2009 Galerie f5.6, Munich, Germany

2008 Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Golden Me, Sweden

2008 Brandstrom Stockholm, Violet Vertigo, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 Hamnmagasinet/Konsthallen in Varberg, Sweden

2007 Skärets Konsthall Skåne, Black Blondes, Sweden

2006 Daniel Cooney Fine art, Reconstruction of Presence, New York, USA

2006 Galerie F5.6, Munich, Germany

2005 Brändström & Stene Gallery,Nigt Spots, Stockholm, Sweden

2005 Gallery Krista Mikkola, (curated by Timothy Persons), Helsinki, Finland

2005 Hässleholms Kulturhus,Nigt Spots,Hässleholm, Sweden

2005 Finnish Museum of Photography,Nigt Spots,January, Helsinki, Finland

2004 Tyresö Konsthall, Tyresö, Sweden

2003 Gallery Format, Reconstruction of Presence, Malmö, Sweden

2002 Gallery 54, Reconstruction of Presence,Gothenburg, Sweden

2002 CFF (Center of Photography), Reconstruction of Presence, Stockholm,SE

2001 Pictura, Lund, Sweden

2001 Gallery Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden




2018 Steinsland Berliner, Our Winter Show

2017 Moderna Museet, Golden Sunset (curated by Magnus Af Petersens), Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Martin Bryder Galleri, Shuffle, Lund, Sweden

2017 Steindsland Berliner, Our Winter Show, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Belenius Nordenhake Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Grundemark/Nilsson Gallery

2016 Borås Konstmuseum, Screens and Mirrors, Sweden

2016 Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, Swedish Art: Now!, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 Belmacz gallery, Nutcracker, London, UK

2014 Haninge Konsthall, Avspark, Stockholm

2014 Belmacz Gallery, Circus, London, UK

2014 Artipelag, Det Synliga, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Aperture Foundation, Different Distances, New York, USA

2013 House of Sweden,Different Distances,Washington, USA

2013 Swedish Photography, Different Distances,Berlin, Germany

2013 Växjö Konsthall, Atletisk, Växjö, Sweden

2013 Galleri Thomas Wallner, Polifony, Simrishamn, Sweden

2012 Centre Culturel Suédois, Different Distances, Paris (cur.: Greger Ulf Nilsson)

2012 Braga – Encontros da Imagem, Portugal

2012 Skärets Konsthall, 10-års jubileum, Skäret, Sweden

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2011 Kristianstads Konsthall, Sport I konsten, Kristianstad, Sweden

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2010 Mjellby Konstmuseum, Sport I konsten, Halmstad Sweden

2009 Skanstulls tunnelbanestation, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 LIPF- Lianzhou International Photo Fetival, Rep. of China

2008 National Portrait Gallery, Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, London, UK

2008 Reinier van Ewijk Projects, War within, Amsterdam, NL

2008 Prague Triennale, Transgressing Mind, Prague, Czechia

2008 Brandstrom & Stene, Toys R us, Stockholm, Sweden

2007 The Westport Art Center, Stalking suburbia(cur: L Ryan),Westport,USA

2007 Phillips de Pury & Co,International Photo Magazine,New York, USA

2007 Miami Photo (galerie f5,6), Miami, USA

2007 Galerie F5,6, 4Jahre f5,6, Munich, Germany

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2005  Gallery Faulconer at Grinnells College, Scandinavian Photography(curated by Daniel Strong), Iowa, USA

2004 Museum of Modern Art, Blick – – New films and videos from the Nordic and Baltic region, Stockholm, Sweden

2004 Art Forum Berlin (Photography Now), Berlin, Germany

2004 Gwynne Warehouse Gallery, Photofest 2004, Hereford, UK

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2001 Gallery Deluxe, Swedish style in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2001 Wetterling Gallery – Graduating class of Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

1999 Borås Museum of Art – Graduating class of HFF, Borås, Sweden

1998 Arles -Festival of Photography, Arles , France

1997 Malmö Museum of Art, Smitta, Malmö, Sweden



2017 Swedish Arts Grants Comitte, 10-years working grant

2013 Swedish Arts Grants Comittee, Two year working grant

2011 Shortlisted to Sovereign European Art Prize

2011 Längmanska Kulturfonden

2008 Swedish Arts Grants Comittee, Two year working grant

2007 Iaspis, One year Studio Program at Acme in London

2007 Helge-Axel Johnson travel grant

2005 Swedish Arts Grants Comittee, One year working working grant

2004 Författarfonden, One year working working grant

2003 Northern Cities, Workshops/Exhibiton Project run by Northern Photographic Centre and Art Council of Oulo (www.northerncities.com)

2003 Stockholm City Art Award

2001 Hasselbladstiftelsen Resident program in Grez-sur-loing, France

2001 Lunds Konsthalls Vänner- Award to a young promising artist

2001 Helge-Axel Johnson travel grant



Moderna Museet, Stockholm Sweden

Göteborg Konstmuseum, Göteborg, Sweden

SE Banken, Stockholm, Sweden

Kiasma Museum of modern Art, Finland

Stenersen Museet, Norway

Portrait Collection of The National Museum, Sweden

National Art Council, Sweden
Stockholm Stad

Norrtälje Kommun

Tyresö Kommun

Kulturförvaltningen i Göteborg

Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening

Several Private Collections


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