JULIA PEIRONE | I Am Not Blonde | House of Sweden, Washington DC

15 September

16 September – February 2024

The Swedish embassy in Washington DC is presenting a large overview exhibition of Julia Peirone’s work in the exhibition space ‚House of Sweden‘.

The Swedish Artist Julia Peirone’s visual world is dominated by girls and young women. The modern-day visual culture favors self-glorification and is obsessed with abstract ideals of beauty. Through her photography, Peirone explores young, female teenagers’ search for identity in a time when social media heavily influences our understanding of the world around us.

Her photographs capture the frustration that many young women feel with the external ideals and demands that are imposed on them. “To some extent, the girls in my pictures are victims of a gaze, but, at the same time, they are strong and have power over the viewer’s gaze,” says Peirone.

Duration: 15 September – February 2024

House of Sweden, Washington DC