Julia Peirone will take part in the group exhibition „Disorders – Excerpts from the collection Antoine de Galbert“ with her video work „I am not blonde“.

After „Une histoire de famille, Collection(s) Robelin“ in 2022, the first ever exhibition at the macLYON dedicated to a private collection, the museum has invited collector Antoine de Galbert to exhibit a large selection of works from his personal collection over an entire floor of the museum. Designed in close collaboration with Antoine de Galbert, this exhibition features over 250 works, showcasing the wealth and singularity of his collection.

In her film „I am not blonde“ (2022), Julia Peirone asked twelve young women to recreate the iconic look of Marilyn Monroe. The camera took the place of a mirror and the invisible observer. In other words, the women could not see themselves while applying make-up. In this intimate moment, they consciously or unconsciously explore how classic signs of femininity – painted lips, long eyelashes – can be a mask behind which to hide or through which to gain power. It also shows the discrepancy between icons / role models and oneself…During the movie you can hear the original voice of Marilyn Monroe talking about style and being blonde.

Opening: 8 March 2024. Exhibition period: 8 March 2024 – Sunday 7 July 2024