Yuken Teruya and Linda Havenstein participate in the Bangkok Art Biennale 2020, which runs until January 31, 2021.

Their installation “This one is us” is inspired by urban sports bars, but this bar invites viewers to come together and enjoy drinks while watching parliament sessions and political debates. In a response to the global situation in 2020, when the world came again to realize its interconnectedness and how much we depend on each other’s decision making, the bar discusses the democratic process while creating a meeting spot to encourage assembly, engagement and discourse.
First introduced at the Bangkok Biennale and set to correlate with the US elections, the 2020 version of the work focusses on parliament sessions of the Asia-Pacific, while screening the US election debates on special events. Headlining the installation with the term “white spirit“, the artists not only refer to the technical term of the special drinks served at the bar, but also comment on the fact that the whole world was watching the US 2020 election.