GERRY JOHANSSON AND ANDREAS JOHNEN | being human, being material

Opening: 9 March, 4-7 pm

10 March – 20 April 2024

Gerry Johansson, Iyomishima, Japan, 1999
Dorothée Nilsson Gallery is happy to invite you to the opening of the exhibition „being human, being material“, featuring works by Gerry Johansson and Andreas Johnen on March 9th, 4-7 pm.

What lies at the root of the difference between human and material? How do human and material traces coexist and transform each other? being human, being material, featuring artworks from Gerry Johansson and Andreas Johnen, explores the critical potentials of these questions within and across photography, paper work, and sculpture.

Gerry Johansson works with the three symbols of nature – water, rock and foliage – from which he gains his inspiration. Johansson’s collection of photographs shows his search to absorb and understand the Japanese culture.

Through a ritualistic, semi-complex process based on repetition and the use of large amounts of watercolour, paper, and paint, what appears to be an infinite amount of time emerges in Andreas Johnen’s work.