Congratulations to the artistic duo Henrik Strömberg and Jens Soneryd to be one of the two winners of the BUP Book Award 2020.

Henrik Strömberg and Jens Soneryd are the winners of the BUP Book Award 2020. The Jury of BLOW UP PRESS (BUP) publishers selected their project The Compost. A Manifesto from twenty projects.

The project of Henrik Strömberg and Jens Soneryd The Compost. A Manifesto is an attempt to use the notion of the compost as a tool to explore photography as a medium, to disclose hitherto overlooked or rejected potential usages.

Both artists started to cooperate on this project in 2016. The book will be thus a natural development of further studies on the compost and development of the thoughts outlined in the manifesto. “The project deals with topics such as growth and decay, memory and forgetting, permanence and change, the desiring gaze and the detached gaze. It also reflects on technologies for understanding, such as writing and photography. These are powerful technologies developed as aides for making visible, mapping, preserving, fixing, organizing, and governing. In short, they are powerful tools for keeping, controlling, and preserving. ‘The Compost. A manifesto‘ explores if and how these technologies also can be applied in opposition to their intended usages, if they can also be deployed to un-learn what we have learned from them? 

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