Strömberg works with the ideas of metamorphosis, ephemerality, time, nature, traces of human existence and the paradigms of modern society.

On the occasion of his solo show at K.P. Gallery Seoul, Henrik Strömberg will present a series of photographs interlaced with unique pieces and a video piece. The subjects of his imagery, the scenes, spaces, the elements, figures, or abstract shapes are less significant to the artist than his wish to prompt a deeper sense of reflection, a grasp of the intangible, or a glimpse of the other.
Strömberg conceived for the gallery spaces an installation in which the empty spaces are as important as the ones occupied by his works. Each and every piece and the whole of those is intended as an open narration, a poetic tale, an unrestrained depiction of a dreamlike description of the world around us.

Duration: 28 September – 22 October 2022

KP Gallery Seoul