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PORTRAIT in progress

Inka, born in 1985 in Finland, and Niclas Lindergård, born 1984 in Sweden, are an artist couple, working together since 2007. The duo focusses on photography-based art. Their work revolves around the present day depiction, circulation and consumption of natural spaces and sceneries.

Inka & Niclas photographs mark a turn in the idealization of nature. Fluorescent landscapes question the idea of nature photography. Exaggerations and displacements of fetishized motives like sunsets or palmtrees address the spectators experience and remind them on the cultural dimension of supposedly natural sights. The duo creates hyperrealistic syntheses of beauty, kitsch and visual desire. Their photographs witness performative acts.

Becoming Wilderness

The artist duo uses photographic images, taken while travelling together, to create new landscapes as different representations of nature. The sight of a sunset over the sea or a monumentual rock formation causes emotional reactions and is connected to cultural associations. Inka & Niclas’ practice explores the components that constitute the powerful psychological effects of natural phenomena. Taking pictures of landscapes appears as a contemporary ritual for the duo, the recurrence of the subjects gives them an almost sacred character. In the work of Inka & Niclas the idealization of nature takes on new forms, landscapes become fluorescent.

“We treat our actions, be it throwing powder into the wind, building a sculpture out of branches or by light briefly coloring some rocks, as performances done in alliance with the landscape, the elements and the camera.“

Family Portraits

The series Family Portraits is a collection of self-portraits of Inka, Niclas and their two childeren, taken in beautiful, romantic sceneries. The family wears suits that bounce the light of the flash back into the camera lens. The protagonists stay anonymous, all that remains is a bright radiance. In our modern day society, photographs serve as proofs for those who travel. Inka & Niclas resist this tradition of travelling as a depiction and consumption of nature for purposes of self-expression. Their work underlines the technical possibilities of the camera and the magical moments of exposure.


Our imaginations of nature is formed by photography. Landscapes get constructed by a multitude of pictures on our screens. The series 4K ULTRA HD by Inka & Niclas includes photographs and installations and focusses on the consumption of nature through camera lenses and displays.

4K HD or 4K ULTRA are terms the technic industry uses for high definition displays. The improving quality of the pictures we consume everyday changes our perception of the environment. We know exactly how the auroras look like only by seeing them on a screen. The more impressive a landscape is, the more pictures you will find in the expanse of the internet. Natural phenomena become spectacles, people take photos of to express a lifestyle and to share with others. For Inka & Niclas, their works are “[…] scrambled and amplified reworkings of the already overly-saturated landscape imagery we like to surround us with.“

Adaptive Colorations

Adaptive Colorations is a series of sculptures, the artists formed by hand. The objects were dipped into a tank, carrying a floating version of the image. Inka & Niclas create three-dimensional photographs and thus new artistic landscapes. Adaptive Colorations stands in the long tradition of nature art and underlines the relations between culture and staged nature.

“For us the whole process with the digital origin of the photographic file and the very analog muscle straining process of shaping, sanding and painting the objects, along with the poetic act of physically dipping the object into the photograph, are interesting enough. But it’s also of course an exploration on the materiality and readability of photographs.

For us the objects in the room bring energy as it somehow questions the very same photograph it has been dipped into and now mimics.”

Vista Points

The series Vista Point was made during a road trip Inka & Niclas did through the USA. During their journey the duo passed several signs that marked the ‘perfect’ point for taking a photo of a natural sight. “After a while it started to feel like all the lenses were wearing out the landscape, that somehow the views were slowly eroding from all the thousands of exposures that were made everyday. We started to question why we should add another photograph to this growing pile of random landscape photography.“ The artists glued a quarter coin on the camera lens, the photographs subject is overshadowed by a black circle. Inka & Niclas mark them as “photographs that didn’t need to be taken.“

Inka Lindergård was born 1985 in Finland and Niclas Holmström was born 1984 in Sweden.
They live and work together in Stockholm, Sweden since 2007.


Gamleby Fotoskola, Sweden 2005-2007
Nordens fotoskola, Biskops Arnö, Sweden 2004-2005


Luminous Matter, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, 2021
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Akademiska Sjukhuset / Uppsala Landsting, Sweden

Stockholm Konst, Sweden

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Private collections in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, USA, Canada, China, Brazil and Puerto Rico


2021    Nominated to the EMOP Arendt Award 2021 Rethinking Nature /                                                 Rethinking Landscape

Nominated to The Swedish Photo Book Price, Sweden 2018

Grant, The Swedish Authors Fund, Sweden 2017

Winner of Swedish Book Art Price, Sweden 2017

Grant, Swedish Arts Grants Committe, Sweden 2014

Swedish Author’s Fund, 2013

Nominated to The German Photo Book Award, Germany 2013

Nominated to Foam Paul Huf Award, NL 2012

Winner of Swedish Photobook Award, Sweden 2012

Svenska kulturfonden, Finland 2010

Stiftelsen Dialog, Sweden 2008


The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth, Kerber Verlag, Germany 2016

The Visible Spectrum, Conveyor Arts, USA 2014

Watching Humans Watching, Kehrer Verlag, Germany 2011