Johan Österholm The Stars Below Galleri Box, Gothenburg 2021
Opening of the solo exhibition ‚The Stars Below‘ by Johan Österholm at Galleri Box in Gothenburg.

On March 20, 2021 the solo exhibition The Stars Below by Johan Österholm opens at Galleri Box in Gothenburg.

Over the course of four and a half billion years, Earth has evolved into the planet we know today. If one had been able to map the changing surface of the planet and seen these gradual geological changes—the incremental shift of continents, protrusion of mountain ranges, and the changing level of the ocean, for instance—one thing will have remained more or less unchanged: the constant fluctuation between intervals of light and darkness, day and night.

Everything alive on Earth developed in response to this continuous diurnal cycle whereby night follows day follows night, and the length of a day changes according to the season. As time passed, some species evolved to become nocturnal, allowing them to better evade predators and gain resources with less competition from diurnal animals. This diversification led to the success of many species, creating ecosystems brimming with life in both light and darkness. Since time immemorial, the darkness of night was absolute, challenged only by the cave or hearth fire, the stars, and, of course, our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon.
(Excerpt from the exhibition text)

EXHIBITION: March 20 – April 18, 2021

Johan Österholm The Stars Below at Galleri Box, Gothenburg, ©Hendrik Zeitler
Johan Österholm The Stars Below at Galleri Box, Gothenburg, ©Hendrik Zeitler