The exhibition is part of LIGHTHOUSE, a light event using art to focus on what is hidden, taking place during Landskrona Foto.

Untitled Lantern Pieces by the artist Johan Österholm is a series of sculptural works made using lumen printing — an old photographic technique where the light sensitive material isn’t exposed and developed as it normally would. Instead the material is subjected to prolonged exposure which burns an image into the sensitised material, an image that is then fixed. Originally Österholm used the same type of glass plates one might find in 19th century gas lanterns. This glas was coated with light sensitive emulsion, after which large negatives of bearing the night skies of centuries past were burnt into the emulsion by the harsh beams from street lights. In the end, night skies that have long been obscured by light pollution are made visible once more.


Exhibition duration:

October 30, 2021 – January 8, 2022