In autumn 2021, the Gothenburg Museum of Art presents an exhibition featuring cutting-edge artists in Sweden at the turn of the millennium. The anniversary exhibition Towards another world celebrated the power of art to conceive and create other worlds.

In a curated selection of Stena Foundation culture scholars from the past twenty-five years, the exhibition Towards another world. 25 years of Swedish contemporary art – Sten A Olsson’s culture scholarships mirrors a dynamic period in Swedish art, with many layers of meaning. The presentation comprises both older works and newly produced art in a variety of media and artistic expressions. Paintings, sculptures, textiles, moving images and site-specific installations create a complex whole, which gives equal priority to both the art historical overview and the individual development of each artist.

Participating artists: Katarina Andersson, Lotta Antonsson, Jonas Dahlberg, Nathalie Djurberg/Hans Berg, Andreas Eriksson, Jens Fänge, Hilda Hellström, Henrik Håkansson, Axel Karlsson Rixon, Kent Lindfors, Jenny Magnusson, Mandana Moghaddam, Ida-Lovisa Rudolfsson and Jörgen Svensson.

Göteborgs Konstmuseum

Duration: October 30, 2021 – February 13, 2022

Installation view, Gothenburg Art Museum, works by Lotta Antonsson. Photo: Hossein Sehatlou.