For this exhibition, Lotta Antonsson will assemble a collection of images and objects from her studio that will function as pretext for her research into local archives and the shoreline of Vancouver.

Lotta Antonsson belongs to a generation of Swedish artists who emerged in the 1990s, inspired by post-structuralist theory and art exploring new media as it pertains to identity formation. For nearly three decades, her work has questioned the objectification of women with irony and self-distance. At the heart of this project has been her exploration and exploitation of lens-based images disseminated via printed matter. In particular, Antonsson’s work reflects her fascination with the late 1960s and 1970s, in a style where documentary and fiction blur in a merging of social and sexual revolutions. 

The exhibition title, West Coast / West Coast, is a literal reference to the artist’s research sites, but also evokes East Coast / West Coast, the title of a work by Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt produced in 1969, just prior to their arrival in Vancouver. 

This exhibition is part of the 2023 Capture Photography Festival Selected Exhibitions Program.

Duration: 8 April – 7 May 2023

Trapp Projects