Published on:
23 Apr, 2021
Gerry Johansson’s new book ‚Esker‘ (Johansson & Jansson, 2021) is now available.

The new book Esker (Johansson & Jansson, 2021) by Gerry Johansson is now available in book stores.

Esker is another one of Johansson’s “Chapbooks”. They are smaller versions of the larger book creations that Gerry Johansson is known for. They are all housed in a significantly smart uniform version with a folding card sleeve and act as chapters of his work. They give space for shorter ruminations of his abilities and feel like something more fleeting and less monumental compared to his books in which more images circulate.

For more information please read the article about Johansson’s new book written by Brad Feuerhelm here!

©Gerry Johansson
©Gerry Johansson