Group Exhibition including Inka & Niclas, Sascha Weidner and Yvon Chabrowski at the Alfred Ehrhard Foundation in Berlin

The exhibition S E A P I E C E S – Facts and Fiction, (curated by Harald F. Theiss) has toured from the Museum Kunst der Westküste, Föhr to the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Berlin. Jan 16 – April 25, 2021. The exhibition encompasses works by twenty-three international artists – among them the artists: Inka & Niclas, Sascha Weidner and Yvon Chabrowski. 

Due to the lockdown in Germany the location of the foundation is closed to the regular public, but offers video tours on its website:

“Besides viewing the theme of the sea in a different light, these current positions often deal with instances of bewilderment, disconcertment, or even the mysterious. The focus is not on a direct analysis of root causes, but instead on using specific artistic imagery to negotiate the sea as a bridge or barrier zone, its exploitation and use, as well as fundamental climate changes. At first glance, much is only insinuated or remains unseen, creating a nuanced sense of »uncertainty.« The exhibition S E A P I E C E S makes use of contemporary artistic considerations to examine the transformational process of seeing and perceiving this landscape.“ (Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation)

Image: ©Inka & Niclas, 4K Ultra HD III, 2018