Susa Templin presents works created during her stay in the USA together with current ones. The exhibition is part of the project series ‚Re-Imagining America‘ at Spor Klübü in Berlin.

In the exhibition Space available # 2, Susa Templin opposes recent large-format wall collages created in Berlin with analog photographic works, that she has developed in the nineties in New York. The exhibition is part of the project series Re-imagining America.

Text by Susa Templin from the publication on Re-imagining America:

“It is important to lose respect for the conventions of the medium because photography makes it possible to produce many cheap pictures and prints. For me, it is interesting to show a vision or an idea, but not to show skill or precise handwork. The images/ realities I work with are manipulated to not conceal the physical processes involved within their construction. The pictures are made of different parallel realities. The way they are presented on the wall amplifies the relationships that exist within an image and between one picture and its neighbors. It also reminds the viewer of the permanent existence of multiple realities and their perception. There are overlapping structures within a single picture and the installation as a whole. It is necessary to say something about our life and the environment we live in, to develop visions about how we want to live.”
(Susa Templin’s artist statement from 1997)

EXHIBITION: September 26 – October 10,2020
PANEL DISCUSSION: December 19,2020

Spor Klübü
Freienwalder Straße 31, 13359 Berlin

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