Meet the artist in her solo exhibition „RAUM-LICHT-ZEIT“ (Space – Light – Time) at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst (MKK) in Ingolstadt which runs until 5.12.

Meet the artist in th exhibition on 27 November and 4 December between 2-5 pm.

With Susa Templin, photography moves into the Museum für Konkrete Kunst. The artist presents works that she has developed especially for the MKK as well as works from her previous oeuvre: Installations of light images that respond to the specific dimensions of the building’s second floor.

In fact, Susa Templin regards herself less as a photographer. Instead, she sees herself as an artist between painting and sculpture, whose medium is analogue photography. In each of her works, she reflects on photographic art, so that it becomes not only the medium but also the content. She brings this idea of photography into the space at the MKK: the artist creates a labyrinth of superimposed images of architectural details. Susa Templin creates abstractions on the theme of space – or as she calls them: Spatial Abstractions.