Past Exhibition


June 13, 2020 – September 06, 2020

Susa Templins exhibition „PREMISES.“ presents her new, multi-layered series “Spatial Abstractions” made of printed plexiglass and pigment prints. Templin developed this group of works in 2019 while on a scholarship at the Berlin Foreign Office’s so called ,,Roof Studio.”

Templin creates her “Spatial Abstractions” using large-format, photographic collages which overlap in scale and material, representing a further development of her multidimensional examination of photography. These works focus on the spatial exploration of the two-dimensional photographic image. Templin addresses the contradiction between space and surface in her art and develops new forms on the surface of her transparent image carriers.

In her photographic works Templin conceives of new spaces and also utilizes sculptural working methods [in their realization]. For these pictorial constructions, the artist draws on her archive of self-taken, analogue colour photographs, all of them images of places and spaces the artist inhabited or encountered. They appear as penetrating, complementary or distorting memories and associations. Templin’s works thereby question the conditions of architecture:
“My pictorial spaces are constructed from experiences that have become pictorial, and using new transparent materials, they create realities layered in colour and perspective.”